SISR Library is a curated catalog of works related to Social in silico Research. SISR Library consists of two stacks - books and articles - which are managed separately because they act differently.


SISR Library is based on an actively updated Zotero bibliographic database. The Zotero database is exported to an XML-based file format, which is then transformed to become this online library catalog.


Curating a library collection is a very different task from browsing a library. The tools that are useful for librarians might not be the most useful for actually accessing the library resources. Academic citation managers, which utilize expert user interfaces, might not be the most ergonomic interfaces for browsing.

One of the primary goals for SISR Library was to create a new user interface for a popular reference manager’s bibliographic library. The SISR Library interface is optimized for browsing, instead of curation, using the same underlying bibliographic data.

Catalog Data

This online catalog, including bibliographic information, is available for public use - but the underlying media artifacts are not. You must use your own library to obtain any materials referenced by this catalog.