Lewin. (1935). A dynamic theory of personality.



A series of reprints of the papers most fundamental to the author’s systematic viewpoint, including: The Conflict between Aristotelian and Galileian Modes of Thought in Contemporary Psychology (J. gen. Psychol., 1931); On the Structure of the Mind (from Vorsatz, Wille und Bedürfnis); Environmental Forces in Child Behavior and Development (Handbook of Child Psychology, 1933); The Psychological Situations of Reward and Punishment (Shr. Psychol. Pedag.); Education for Reality (Neue Erziehung, 1931); Substitute Activity and Substitute Value; A Dynamic Theory of the Feeble-Minded; Survey of the Experimental Investigations (summary of Untersuchungen zur Handlungs- und Affektpsychologie). Author and subject indexes.