von Neumann. (1945). First draft of a report on the EDVAC.


Mimeographed document in looseleaf form, as issued. The leaves are printed on the recto side only; Contract between the United States Army Ordnance Department and the University of Pennsylvania; SCDIRB copy 39088011475779 has stamps on title leaf: 1. Samuel N. Alexander; 2. National Bureau of Standards, Division 12, Data Processing Systems; SCDIRB copy is unbound within an archival folder, and housed in an archival envelope (38 cm.) together with the following supporting material: 1. “The EDVAC report”, a [2] p. unpublished (word-processed) document by Paul Ceruzzi of the National Air & Space Museum, dated Jan. 30, 1997, giving the background on how this copy of von Neumann’s Report was acquired; 2. Photocopied excerpt from Herman H. Goldstine’s book, The computer from Pascal to von Neumann (p. 191-192, 196-197), outlining von Neumann’s role in creating the EDVAC; 3. Photocopied obituary, “Sam Alexander, 1910-1967,” excerpted from an unidentified periodical (p. 65, 67, from February, 1968); 4. Two issues of the IEEE Annals of the History Computing, including v. 15, no. 1 (1993), containing the articles “The computer as von Neumann planned it,” by M.D. Godfrey and D.F. Hendry, p. 11-21, and “The origins, uses, and fate of the EDVAC” by Michael R. Williams, p. 22-38; and v. 15, no. 4 (1993), containing a reprint of von Neumann’s “First draft of a report on the EDVAC,” edited and corrected by Michael D. Godfrey, p. 27-75; SCDIRB copy of von Neumann’s Report, and its supporting materials, has bookplate: Smithsonian Institution Libraries. Gift of Paul Ceruzzi